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Bowl Round Natural

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Item No.Vol. Top x Height WeightCTN
MY03B144 9oz (250ml) Bowl φ114 x 44 6g50pcs x 20polybag
MY03B161 11oz (300ml) Bowl φ161 x 36.6 8g50pcs x 20polybag
MY03B152 12oz (340ml) Bowl φ152 x 45.6 9g50pcs x 20polybag
MY03B135 12oz (350ml) Bowl φ135 x 46.6 9g50pcs x 18polybag
MY03B178 14oz (400ml) Bowl φ178 x 40.6 11g50pcs x 20polybag
MY03B105 16oz (425ml) Bowl φ105 x 83 12g50pcs x 12polybag
MY03B160 16oz (460ml) Bowl φ160 x 36 10g50pcs x 20polybag
MY03B155 18oz (500ml) Bowl φ155 x 54 13g50pcs x 12polybag
MY03B189 24oz (680ml) Bowl φ189 x 40.6 13g50pcs x 16polybag
MY03B210-1 24oz (710ml) Bowl φ210.7 x 47 18g50pcs x 10polybag
MY03B170 29oz (850ml) Bowl φ170 x 59.6 16g50pcs x 16polybag
MY03B175 32oz (950ml) Bowl φ175 x 67 24g50pcs x 12polybag
MY03B210 32oz (950ml) Bowl φ210.7 x 60 6g50pcs x 10polybag



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